Enjoying quality time with your pet is an integral part of your relationship with your pet and these races provide the perfect opportunity for such an experience.

Running With The Bears Marathon, Half And 10K

Held at all distances, in the eye pleasing environment of mountains and trees, the race raises funds for the Non-Profit foster care “Mountain Circle Family Service”. The race includes occasional encounters with wild animals such as bears and wild turkeys. Runners are provided with bear bells and custom bibs are given to dog runners labeled as “Bear defenders to ensure Pooch safety, as well as the luxuries of ice baths, veterinarian services, dance floors and other leisure activities are present.

12K’s of Christmas

This Holiday theme race provides fresh aesthetic appeal by encouraging creative costumes for humans and canines alike. With access to treats and nourishments for your pet along the course and the post race Christmas Bazaar offers a variety of gift shops, performances and music provides the best way to celebrate the true spirit of the Christmas.nt Time 1:1ing Time -0:04

Chariots of Fur Beach Run

At the Jacksonville Beach, humans and their pets take on a 5K or 1-mile run for a local non-profit St.Francis Animal Hospital. Winners are prized with handmaid ceramic bowls for their pets. Finish line activities include activities for both humans and pets, like massage corner, Frisbee catching and various other activities.

Green Mountain Iron Dog

Stretching approximately 1.5 miles, this race invites a real life police dog experience across various different obstacles and terrain. The course is kept a mystery for competitors before their remand includes memory challenges, culverts and strength test to kick open a door, as well as a separate competition for drug searches, dog-only dash and 100-yard.

Runner’s World Half Marathon & Festival

Held at Steel stacks campus at Bethlehem, this race hosts 6 different races including a one mile dog run. It requires a pre-registration but is free of cost for competitors and takes place at the same spot as the 5K an 10K races.

Furry 5K

A 5K looped course that takes you and your pet through Seattle’s Seward Park, close to Washington Lakethe proceedings of the race are donated to Seattle Animal Shelter. The winning prizes are given to the top three fastest pets. Other activities include a “Cover Model Search” held at the post race event called “Pet-a-Palooza” and special performances by trained dogs.